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Pancakes with salmon caviar 280-00
Pancakes with sturgeon caviar 2850-00
Pancakes with freshly-salted salmon 180-00
White sturgeon baked with crayfish  600-00
Salmon fillet baked in the cheese-cream  sauce with asparagus 250-00
Aubergine rolls with cheese, kinza, nuts and tomato sauce 180-00
Aubergine with piquant feeling of chicken fillet, giblets and walnuts 200-00
Julienne made of tongue  220-00
Chicken julienne 180-00
Champignon julienne 150-00
Julienne of edible mushrooms 250-00
Boletus edulises in soured cream 300-00
Duck foie gras with raspberry sauce with apples 600-00
and grapes