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Aromatic pear in wine with pine nuts dressed with raspberry sauce 220-00
Dessert “Markiza” (ice-cream with tropic sauce and fresh fruits) 180-00
Dessert  “Gourmand” (sponge cake with cheese maskorpone and orange sauce) 150-00
Dessert “Pavilion Of Delight” 200-00
(ice-cream, grapes, pear, banana, peach, whipped cream, chocolate)
Dessert "Catherine" 250-00
(sponge cake with orange syrup, cream, cream, raspberries and mint)
Dessert "Seventh Heaven" 180-00
(prunes stuffed with walnuts in cream)
Whipped cream with black currant 200-00
Whipped cream with raspberries 200-00
Dessert "Marcel" 200-00
  (ice cream with meringue, orange sauce and fresh berries)
Pancakes flambéed in passion fruit sauce and chocolate-coffee sauce "Mocha" 300-00
Roasted banana with almonds in raspberry sauce 150-00
Apple baked  with hazel-nuts 100-00
Pancakes with ice-cream and chocolate sauce 180-00
Pancakes with honey 150-00
Ice-cream 60-00
Dessert “Cherry garden” (ice-cream with cherry and caramel sauce) 180-00
“Nobleman¢s” pancakes (“crunching” pancakes with apples, soured cream and strawberry sauce) 220-00
Pancake 30-00
Berries grated with sugar: (wild strawberry, bilberry, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, red bilberry, cranberry, citron) 50-00
Chocolate sauce 50-00