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Meat “a la French”     750-00
(fillet steak bared with onion cheese)
Veal a single’s style 900-00
(a large veal steak with stewed vegetables is a perfect substitution of supper cooked in a single’s kitchen)
he veal smoked  ham, fried on grill with 900-00
berry sauce
Aromatic veal with red  bilberry sauce  900-00
Veal steaks, pickled in wine with basil and tarragon 800-00
Fried pork fillet under sauce with aubergine rolls and fried tomatoes. 650-00
Pork medallions under honey-red belberry sauce with baked apple, grapes and cedar nuts 650-00
Ribs roasted according to a forest warden’s recipe 800-00
(loin of pork steaks pickled with spicy herbs are roasted to a browned crust)
Rasy juicy pieces of pork fried with potatoes in bacon under cheese-cream sauce 650-00
Mutton with fried vegetables and prune  sauce with aromatic grasses 900-00
Lamb fillet  with garnish of French kidney beans and wallnuts under tomato sauce 1200-00
Tender veal liver with fried pork lard and edible mushrooms 550-00
Beef tenderloin with vegetables and French dressing foie-gras 900-00