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Tsar¢s” fish soup with pies (according to the rules of the ancient technology this fish soup is boiled of noble kinds of fish: sterlet and beluga adding aromatic roots and grasses)  800-00
  Fish soup “a la burlak” witch arie  650-00
“Suvorovsky” soup  made of  pike-perch 220-00
Piquant young mutton soup with  tomatoes  600-00
and herb
Puree soup with cauliflower, asparagus and slices of baked pheasant served 400-00
Red-beet soup a la Ukraine with yeast fritters  400-00
Mixed-meat solyanka soup 300-00
(solyanka soup with meat, smoked foods, pickled cucumbers, olives)
Noodle soup with chicken and mushrooms 250-00
(long strips of elastic homemade noodles are boiled with chicken in mushroom broth)
Cabbage-soup “Boyarsky” with veal and mushrooms under “the cap” of aromatic bread 350-00
Fragrant soup with ceps and veal by Siberian 450-00
Broth with meat dumplings 220-00