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Salmon caviar served in portions  220-00
Sturgeon caviar served in portions 2800-00
Salmon caviar canape 120-00
Sturgeon caviar canape 1100-00
Shrimps “Scampi”  with “tar-tar” sauce 300-00
Assorted(boiled sturgeon, salmon, tender balyk of beluga and salmon caviar) 900-00
Salmon tar-tar under consomme sauce       400-00
(the tender salmon fillet under “Philadelphia” cheese, with crill meat and avokado mousse)
Herring with garnish 150-00
Snack “Home delicacies” 650-00
(chicken roll with omelette and prunes, beef-roll with cheese, boiled tongue and roast beef)
Carpacho  made of salmon  350-00
(delicate appetizer)
Carpacho 250-00
"Carpaccio" made of deer (thin strips of venison with lemon juice and olive oil) 400-00
The  lamb tongue boiled, with tomatoes, 300-00
strong cheese and kinza
Fillet  of the smoked duck with aromatic pears, pickled in wine and red belberry sauce 600-00
Tongue boiled, sauce – horse-radish 200-00
 Assorted cheese 600-00