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 Crab salad- cocktail  950-00
 Salad “Favourite” (salad-cocktail made of crab meat with shrimps on the avokado  pillow  with salmon caviar)  
Salad " Maestro" (shrimp, bean sprouts, fresh tomatoes, honey, soy sauce) 350-00
Wave salad (shrimp, pike caviar, squid holes, tomato, Cucumbers, Toast, orange juice, honey, lettuce, mustard) 250-00
Warm salad with prawns (shrimp, squid, mushrooms, asparagus, honey, soy sauce, peanut sauce, oyster sauce, lettuce) 650-00
Shrimp salad  with avocado and black olives 420-00
Shrimp salad–cocktail “Coral” 400-00
 Squid Salad “Fantasy”  150-00
(cut squids with fresh cucumbers and eggs in cold sauce “Provansal”)
Volzhsky” salad 250-00
(tender boiled fillet of pike-perch harmonizes with fresh vegetables in mayonnaise sauce with grated spicy verdure)
Salad "Temptation" (boiled squid, fried chicken, pear, Parmesan cheese) 200-00
Coated Herring” (salad with herring layered with vegetables) 150-00
Salad “Idol” (refined combination of avokado, prunes and apples under tender gravy of different sorts of meat)    320-00
Boyar’s” salad (tongue, carbonade, fried champignons) 250-00
“Festive” salad (tongue, cheese, eggs) 250-00
Salad “Habonic”(rostbeef, kidneys, avocado, tomato, mayonnaise ) 350-00
Salad “The chosen one”(boiled veal, mango, cheese,dressed with mayonnaise, honey, soybean sauce)  400-00
Salad “South” (boiled veal, fresh tomato,  vegetable marrow, kinza,,garlic)  390-00
Salad “Olivie”  350-00
Salad “Bastion”  
(try to take by assault a piquant turret stuffed with a nourishing cheese mass with fried champignons, onion and light garlic accent) 280-00
Salad “Hunting” (smoked elk  and  duck under soy-bean sauce) 450-00
Salad made of the  smoked  duck with cedar nuts, pineapple and mango under “Tabasko” sauce 450-00
Hot salad with chicken lever and cedar nuts 250-00
General¢s” salad (fried chicken fillet, field mushrooms, cheese, mayonnaise)  300-00
Salad  "Athens” 280-00
(fried chicken fillet, boiled veal, cheese, greens )
Greek” salad (assorted vegetables with sheep’s milk cheese brynza, olives and almonds) 150-00
Vitaminous” salad  
(a mixed many-coloured salad of fresh juicy cabbage, red sweet pepper, Chinese lettuce with tomato slices and cucumbers) 130-00