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Medallions of deer with white mushroom julienne 1500-00
Medallions of elk with white mushroom julienne 850-00
Elk with wild berry sauce and a side dish of fried potatoes with ceps     900-00
Elk chops with mashed potatoes and celery 600-00
Wild boar roast with potatoes in a pot 450-00
Venison stewed in sauce with sauteed vegetables 1400-00
Wild boar meatballs with lingonberries and sour cream  550-00
Pheasant marinated with juniper berries, prunes stuffed and fried until golden brown 1200-00
Quails filled on aromatic pillow of vegetables with garnet grains and bilberry sauce 1200-00
Loin of deer under the cranberry sauce with grilled vegetables 1500-00
Venison chops garnished with mashed potatoes and cream sauce 650-00